Monday, January 20, 2014

and 2 years later....

I am still trying to write. I write short notes to myself, short stories & characters in my head and rarely put these notes on paper. I have let another 63,115,200 seconds go by without working my dream. Instead of trying to accomplish even a little bit, I have determined that I will fail so I don't even try. Logic says that I have failed because I don't try but stubbornness born out of trying to protect my pride says "Don't do it. You will fail miserably".

Ha! I am going to try. I am writing some short stories on this blog, along with my adventures with Rocket, and I will try to include some of my artwork. That's right...artwork. I was given colored pencils for Christmas and have found that I like the quietness of drawing. I have 3 pieces so far. And I am very proud of that.

Rocket continues to be the joy of my life. He amuses me constantly & tries my patience sometimes. He is getting more goofy every day. He has now learned to "visit" which means he puts his head on my leg when he wants a pat or more often than not, some of my dinner. I am working on tricks that will eventually lead him into therapy work. Rocket has a way of calming people and he loves attention so I thought he would be perfect to work with the elderly. Laura Waudby would be proud of him!

Watch for my posts. Let me know if you want my opinion on anything. I'd like you all to read my blog so that I can grow as a communicator and tell you all about my dog Rocket.


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